Mingling 4 Marty

Dinner and Auction

Septeber 12, 2016

Wallsburg Town Park ~ 130 E. 300 So. ~Wallsburg Ut, 84082 

Meal will be served from 5:30-8:00 pm. Silent auction will go on at the same time. Meal tickets will be $10.00 for an individual or $40.00 for a family. If you would like to purchase a ticket to help support Marty and Sherry please Click on the tickets above

Marty's Fight Against Cancer

Our dad is one of the most hardworking, dedicated men we know. We believe that those of you that know him will agree. He has always given 100% in all that he does. 

Shortly after Christmas 2015, he came down with flu like symptoms. After he felt slightly better days later, and of course taking the least amount of time off as possible, he went back to work. After returning to work he pulled a groin muscle. He never seemed to fully recover or feel okay from either problem. 

After many doctor appointments, one ER visit, and numerous tests, they finally found a few spots on his hips. (His main complaint at this time was pain in his hips). We were reffered to Huntsman Cancer Institute to have a biopsy and additional scans and testing. In everything they performed they found this: 

Marty Mecham, at age 53, has been diagnosed with stage four, terminal renal cancer. The cancer has spread throughout his entire body. A biospy from his hip bone, along with a PET scan revealed a tumor on his left kidney as well as spots on his spine, shoulders, lungs, hips & femur. The doctors have said the only way Marty would have known or had any indication that there was a problem is if he had seen blood in his urine or experienced pain surrounding his kidneys. There was no indication. The only way the cancer was detected is because his body cannot fight alone anymore. 

After countless tests, doctor appointments, radiation, chemo and much more to come, We are asking for help. Marty is now unable to work because of the pain he is in. 


Update: Marty is going to be a first time grandpa! Congrats Stoney and Kieshla

UPDATE: 7/18/16. Marty has been doing really well for the last few weeks, been able to get outside and get some of his projects done. Last Tuesday he noticed a tingly feeling in his chest and down the front of him. On Thursday I took him to the Heber hospital to get a CT scan to see if it was a pinched nerve because it never went away. Long story short, there was a confusion along the way and we never ended up hearing any true results. However on Saturday he could hardly walk, definitely needing lots of assistance. He said his legs felt like rubber. We ended up taking him to Utah Valley ER and spent all day Saturday in there. They did an MRI and the ER doctor found that there was a tumor on his spine that is what they believed was the route of the problem and it had encased the spine and was pinching his spinal cord essentially paralyzingly him. They called in a neurosurgeon to discuss the possibility of surgically removing the tumor. However when that Doctor arrived he gave us the reasons why he thought surgery was out of the question. 1- because there is so much tumor that there is no option of taking half of it without the possibility of bleeding out (I guess renal tumors have lots of vessels) 2-they cannot take the entire tumor because it would be them taking that portion of his spine and cancerous bone will not fuse back together correctly to regrow his bone. And 3- they showed us a scan of the spine and the entire thoracic spine (middle) is surrounded by cancer and tumors. The emergency Doctor said that for the first time since he has worked there in 12 years, the activated an emergency radiation team. This team came in on Sunday morning and did radiation to the spine. They have admitted him to the hospital as he is not mobile at all. He will continue the radiation for 14 days along with steroids, they are hoping to shrink and reduce pressure on that spinal cord, so possibly his mobility will return. Please keep him in your prayers. And we want you to know the love we have for all of you! God Bless

UPDATE 6/1. Marty went to the doctor last week and had a scan done, it showed that the cancer is not changing (good news that it hasn't grown) they doubled his medication dose for the type of chemo treatment they are doing hoping that it will now start to fight the cancer as well as stop it from spreading further. He is in some pain right now but still staying positive and keeping his spirits up! My parents love visitors, so if you have been debating on stopping in and saying hi, feel free! "Be patient and tough; someday this pain will be useful to you" -Ovid


THANK YOU to everyone! You will never know how much the outpouring of love and support means to my family and parents!! We will never be able to say thank you enough!! Marty is on a new medication for renal cancer. He has to use that medication for 2 months before he can have a new scan to see how the cancer is reacting. (Right now he is 4 weeks in). I will post updates as we receive them. This has been an amazingly agonizing and humbling journey and we have so much gratitude in our hearts! We will continue to fight, and pray for each of you and all others fighting this disease!

If you have questions on updates or would like to donate an auction Item or Make a money Donation please leave your comment below

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