Indoor Arena

If it is space you need for your event our 48,000 sq ft arena may be the answer. The arena measures 160’ x 300’ with 1850 permanent seats. All of our animal handling equipment is state of the art.

Indoor Arena with
Sports Floor

Believe it or not this is the same arena with 48,000 sq. feet of hard surface flooring placed to transform the equine center to an expo center. The Event Center is equipped with internet, power and sound to accommodate multiple booths or large group gatherings.

Due to the amount of extra material that we have, we are able to change our facility without disturbing, or contaminating our arena floor. This allows for a quick transition from event to event, enabling us to host many different events all in one weeks time frame.

Outdoor Arena

Our outdoor arena consists of state of the art animal handling equipment and four main areas:

240' x 140' large arena

240' x 90' small arena 

280' x 140' warm-up arena

Large and small stock holding pens to accommodate any size event

Two viewing areas for spectators consisting of grand stands seating 2,800 people and bleachers seating 3,400


All in one location with majestic views!


Outdoor arena

Large 240' x 140'

Small 240' x 90'

Outdoor Warm-Up Arena

Outdoor Arena - Stock Holding Pens

Specialty events are our specialty. This is a water feature created inside our arena.

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